Fossil Fuel Free Växjö

The vision is that Växjö shall become a municipality where it is easy and profitable to live a good life without fossil fuels.

The municipality has for a long time successfully worked with environmental and climate issues and the political consensus and involvement has given visible results.  The target is to become Fossil fuel free 2030 and Växjö has reduced the fossil carbon dioxide emissions by 48 per cent per inhabitant from 1993 till 2014.


Växjö Declaration

Växjö Declaration was released in March 2015, during Earth Week. Claire Roumet, Deputy Executive Director of Energy Cities, Yvonne Ruwaida (MP) representing the Swedish Government, local business sector, Linnaeus University and local citizens attended the meeting.

Växjös target is to be Fossil Fuel Free Växjö 2030, how will Swedish Government and European local authorities act?

Växjö Declaration

Växjö Declaration, appendix


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