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André Butzer & André Talborn
Jan 20 –March 19, 2017
Växjö konsthall, Västra hallen

Växjö Konsthall presents two artists in the first exhibition of the year: André Butzer & André Talborn. The exhibition consists of new work created for the show at Växjö Konsthall.

Butzer and Talborn are two artists whose main medium is painting, which was the starting point for their work. Nowadays painting is seen as one of many artistic techniques, but for a small group of artists painting is a specifically advanced discourse composed of centuries of accumulated knowledge moving through all of art history up to the present day. Seen as such, painting is a medium that takes time to learn and demands a kind of stubbornness and particular kind of willpower of those who wish to develop the medium. Both Butzer and Talborn are artists who obstinately reexamine the conditions of painting.

There are many problems and possible solutions within the medium of painting. It can be seen as a composite in which cognition meets vision. Our vision affects how we understand the world around us and what it consists of. Painting might be able to change our way of seeing things and thereby also affect our understanding of the outer world. For many painters, painting is a daily action and for others it is mainly a means of creating an image. How can a medium that has such strong links to art history still work as a possibility to observe the contemporary world for many artists?

André Butzer (born in 1973), one of Germany’s most celebrated painters, has solo exhibitions this spring at Metro Pictures in New York and at Galerie Max Hetzler in Paris. His painting is an oscillation moving from an analytical relation to the medium and its conditions, to a disrespect that can only work for one who completely controls the medium. In Butzer’s later work there is a severity which, in its apparent simplicity, is actually about the possibilities of painting to communicate energy, spiritual and intellectual profundity. This is Butzer’s first time showing work in Sweden.

André Talborn (born in 1987), is originally from Växjö. He was educated at St. Sigfrid’s Art School and at Umeå Art Academy, but in later years has also periodically lived in Berlin. Through stubborn grappling with the conditions of painting, Talborn has possibly become one of the most promising young painters in Sweden today. Last year he received one of the more prestigious art awards in Sweden—the Fredrik Roos stipendium. At the end of the year he participated in the exhibition Der Funke soll in Dir sein in Berlin with such artists as Albert Oehlen and Günter Förg. This spring he will also be participating in the exhibition Lob Des Schattens in New York. The exhibition in Växjö is Talborn’s greatest presentation of his work thus far, in which he, besides showing paintings, will also be showing drawings.

Martin Schibli, curator and Artistic Director for Växjö Konsthall

Program for the opening, January 20:
4 pm: Introductory lecture by Martin Schibli about contemporary German art.
5-7 pm: Offical opening.
7.30 pm: Opening speech by Lena Wibroe.


Planned activities in connection with the exhibition:
January 26, 5 pm: Curator’s guided tour.
February 7, 6 pm: Lecture by Martin Schibli, Artistic Director at Växjö Konsthall: Does Contemporary Painting Exist Today?
February 11, 4 pm Concert: Duo Stensöta, arrangement by Media Artes.
February 16, 6 pm: Mingle at the gallery with the artist, André Talborn, in dialogue with Martin Schibli.
February 17, 5 pm: Guided tour for the public.
February 18, 3 pm: Curator’s guided tour.
March 5, 2 pm: Guided tour for the public.
March 19, 2pm: Guided tour for the public.

Conny Blom’s exhibition, 368, continues until January 25 in the North Room.

Many thanks to the Goethe Institutet, and to Philip Talborn and ERCO for lighting assistance.

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