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The mirror ball in Växjö Lake

Welcome to Växjö, a green expansive city situated in Småland, Sweden. Växjö is the winner of the European Green Leaf Award 2018!

Växjö – The Greenest City in Europe is renowned for the environmental and climate work toghether with a growth rate comparable to Sweden's major cities. 

Växjö Municipality is an exciting combination of idyllic small town, university town and centre of entertainment - a strong regional centre in the middle of the south of Sweden. You could say that Växjö is in bloom at the moment. Businesses, the arenas, the university, the environmental work and above all the city's energy and ambitious spirit are all growing fast. We hope you want to join us!

UBC Conference in Växjö

Växjö will host the XIV UBC General Conference 24-27th of October 2017, the conference theme is "Leadership for the future – Cities as leaders for glocal sustainable development". Welcome to see the movie with Per Schöldberg, deputy mayor in Växjö Municipality and also UBC board member.



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