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Växjö can be reached either by road, air and/or train or by ferry connection between the cities of Gdynia through Karlskrona and Klaipeda through Karlshamn.

Karlskrona and Växjö are connected by a train route. Karlshamn and Växjö are connected by a bus route.

Växjö airport has connections to Stockholm and to a few other European airports, including Gdańsk.

For visitors arriving through Stockholm, there is a train connection with frequent departures, with Swedish Rail roads, SJ.

Many visitors to Växjö choose to arrive through Copenhagen and take a direct train, on the Kalmar route, to Växjö, which departs regularly.

While in Växjö, most hotels are located within walking distance from the railway station. Visitors are kindly asked to find their own way to the hotels. Taxis are available at the railway station.

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