Sustainable development

Växjö - the Greenest City in Europe, both a vision and ambition. Broad cooperation on many levels, unanimous politicians and long term work around the environmental issues is important in City of Växjö.

Växjö has the goal to be a Fossil Fuel Free municipality already 2030.

Steering documents and information brochures 

City of Växjö have some steering documents and information brochures in English.

Transport plan

Waste management plan

Wooden strategy

Miljöbroschyr, engelsk

About the environmental work in Växjö






Miljöprogram broschyrens framsida

 Environmental Programme, 2014





More brochures

Earth Week 2016

Växjö supports WWF's climate manifestation Earth Hour, because we are aiming on becoming a Fossil fuel free city by 2030. Växjö is also striving to make the environment sustainable in a wider sense. Therefore, we arranged “Earth Week” for the third time.

COP 21

Växjö were represented in Paris during COP21 the 30 of November

Different stakeholders in Växjö appointed the Växjö Declaration in March 2015 during Earth Week. The message is for the Swedish Government, European local authorities and Paris COP21. We have to act now! Växjö Declaration  

The ICLEI World Congress 8-12 April, 2015 in Seoul, Korea

The Korea Herald English article

Växjö wooden buildings on White House Rural Council

White house web

Mayor Bo Frank, Conservative, make a presentation "Circular Economy in Växjö" in Brussels June 2014. Youtube