Experience Växjö

Växjö has been a Popstad, host for qualifying rounds of the Eurovision Song Contest several times, has several annual city festivals such as Kulturnatten (Culture Night), Vårstad (Spring City) and the Karl-Oskar days.

The regional theatre's efforts, primarily with children's and young people's theatre is nationally recognised and Linnéateatern's musicals have become a tradition within the cultural range of events on offer in Växjö.

The cathedral and altar screen by Bertil Vallien, Film City, the City Park adjacent to Lake Växjö, community singing, Kronoberg's castle ruins, Småland's glass museum, Kulturpark Småland, Växjö art gallery, Leos Lekland, Aquamera, the Garden Boutique in Öhr, the footpath around Lake Växjö, nature reserves, long-distance footpath, Culture Night, Spring City, Karl Oskar days, Historically interesting places.

For more information about how to get the most out of your visit in Växjö please visit the Official Tourist Guide for Växjö websitelänk till annan webbplats.


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