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The summer vacation is soon here, join us at one of the summer camps.

The below information concerns the different camps that the municipality offers/invites during the summer holidays of 2020. Our camps are free of charge, food is provided in all camps both overnight and day camps which extend over lunch. In the camps that are only in the afternoon, coffee is provided. If you are interested in one or more of these camps, submit an interest notification via the link down on the page. It is important that you enter a valid e-mail address as our information goes out via email. Information back to you is coming in early June.

Holmarna recreation camps

For you who were born in 2007–2009, day camp.
When: Week 24 from Wednesday to Friday on 10-12 June, at 10.00-15.00.
Week 25 from Monday to Thursday, on 15-18 June, at 10.00-15.00.
Join us at Holmarna's outdoor activity base at Vederslövssjön and take the chance to experience nature and meet some new friends. We cook together outdoors and test everything that the outdoor environment and nature offer us. Hopefully a new adventure every day.

E-sports camp at the library

For you who were born 2004-2006
When: Week 25 from Tuesday to Thursday, on 16-18 June, at 13.00-17.00
Week 26 Tuesday to Friday, on 23-26 June, at 13.00-17.00
Week 27 from Tuesday to Friday, on 30 June -3, 7 July, at 13.00-17.00
Week 28 from Tuesday to Friday on 7-10 July, at 13.00-17.00
Week 29 from Tuesday to Friday on 14-17 July, at 13.00-17.00
Week 30 from Tuesday to Friday, on 21-24 July, at 13.00-17.00
If you like playing computer games and e-sports, then this is the camp for you. Play games together, have fun and learn from each other. We play games like Fortnite, League of legends, CS-GO, FIFA20 and try VR games.

Horse knowledge with Lammhult's Riding Club

For you who born 2006-2012.
When: Week 25, Thursday, on 18 June, at 10.00-15.00
A very busy day for those who are curious about horses and equestrian sports. The day is filled with horse care, lovely marches and of course horseback riding as well.

BG band Camp

For you who were born 2004-2007
When: Week 26, from Monday to Thursday, on 22-26 June
Week 27, from Monday to Thursday, on 29 June -3 July
A camp filled with music. Learn how to play and develop your instrument with ensemble playing. Band camp ends with a concert.

Arenastaden Camp

For you who were born 2010–2013
When: Week 26, from Monday to Thursday, on 22-26 June, at 09.00-15.30
Four full-scale days at Arenastaden. In the mornings there will be football, floorball, gymnastics, and athletics together with Växjö DFF, Växjö Vipers, Dackegymnasterna and IFK Växjö. In the afternoons you will go testing on other sports when the associations from around Växjö come to visit.


For you who were born 2004-2010
When: Week 26, from Monday to Friday, on 22-26 June, at 10.00-15.00
This camp is for those who have a programming interest. Here you will learn how to program the Micro: bit and create computer games and at the same time meet those who have the same interest as you.

Girl camp (only for girls)

For girls who were born 2004-2007 (NOTE: you must be able to swim)
When: Week 27 (departure on Sunday Week 26), from Sunday to Tuesday, on 28-30 June.
Overnight camp at Skuggebo camping site at Lake Rusken with proximity to nature. Here we spend some exciting and active days with discussions, workshops, adventures, and fun.

Girl camp (only for girls)

For girls who were born 2007-2009
When: Week 27, from Monday to Wednesday, on 29 June - 1 July.
Overnight camp at Fagrabäck's leisure farm. Discussions, workshops, creative workshops, and cozy places fill the days. Take the chance to get to know new friends and have fun together.

Horse knowledge with Braås Pony and riding Club

For you who were born 2007–2011
When: Week 31 from Tuesday to Thursday, on 28-30 July, at 10.00-17.00
Week 32 from Monday to Thursday, on 3-6 August, at 10.00 -17.00
This camp really gives you an opportunity to test out how it is in the world of equestrian sports. Learn how to care for horses and of course, testing horseback riding.

For more information, please contact: Anna Lagrelius 0470-41191,

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