How Växjö is governed

Växjö is governed by the council, in effect, Växjö's parliament. Here, important decisions are taken on issues such as policy initiatives, setting the local budget and service provision. Växjö has 61 councillors, who are elected every four years. After the election in september 2022, the two largest single parties were the Social Democrats with 22 seats and Conservatives with 17 seats.

The Municipal Executive Board

The executive board is formed by the municipal council and has 15 members. Malin Lauber (the Social Democrats) is chairman for the period 2023-2026. The executive, in other words, the city's government, carries out the municipal council's decisions. Parties are represented on the executive board in proportion to the number of seats they hold on the municipal council.

Municipal Boards

The work of the municipality is such that the council cannot handle all the business alone. There are therefore a number of politically appointed boards that specialise in various areas. Växjö has 9 such boards.

Municipal Companies

A number of municipal companies and trusts take care of certain activities in the city - property management and municipal power companies, for example. The boards of these enterprises are politically appointed and again, mirror the composition of the municipal council.


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